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For thousands of years Amman has been a meeting place for commercial traders and rulers throughout the region. This fact still holds true but things have changed. Today, the city offers the best and most modern comprehensive conference and meeting facilities within the region.

Almost all of the major hotels in Amman offer extensive facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as experienced and dedicated staff that are skilled at arranging any type of event from huge conferences and banquets to exhibitions and incentives. Amman also offers many convention and conference centres, as well as the option of hosting events at some of the castle, like Karak Castle, and the Citadel.

The Zara Expo Amman

Housed within the 17-storey Hyatt Tower, located in Amman’s business and diplomatic district, the Zara Expo exhibition facilities comprise three purpose-built linked halls providing almost 3,000 sq.m. of air-conditioned space. Located below is a 303 seat conference auditorium with additional meeting rooms that can be used as VIP rooms, press rooms...etc. Each exhibition hall has its own dedicated facilities and under-floor service channels. The facilities are linked to the Grand Hyatt Amman, which has an additional 1,800 sq.m. of exhibition and conference space, including a ballroom that can seat up to 1,000 people.

Contact info:
Zara Expo Amman
P.O.Box 831159
Amman, Jordan 11183
Tel: +962-6-4651234
Fax: +962-6-4648451
E-mail: enquiry@zaraexpo.com
Website: www.zaraexpo.com

Royal Convention Centre

Located in Le Meridien Amman, the Royal Convention Centre ballroom and conference facilities provide technologically advanced and modern equipment that are nestled in pure luxury. The facilities are customized to fit all types of private functions, special occasions, conferences and meetings.

Housing the largest conference facility in Amman, which can host up to 1,200 seated individuals, the Royal Convention Centre includes 4 remote-controlled projection screens, offering teleconference tools and a multimedia projection system. It also features highly advanced light and sound systems as well as simultaneous translation techniques, all with wireless connections.

Contact Info:
Royal Convention Centre
Tel: +962 6 569 6511
Fax: +962 6 567 4261
Website: amman.lemeridien.com

Royal Cultural Centre

The Royal Cultural Centre is considered one of the first cultural centres established in Jordan and houses many facilities for the performing arts as well as other facilities for visual arts, presentations and seminars. The main facility, the Royal Theatre, is a fully equipped modern auditorium seating 300 persons. The theatre is equipped for all forms of plays, dance and musical performances. In addition to performing arts, the theatre is equipped with 16 and 35mm cinema and translation systems.

The conference auditorium is the largest hall in the centre and is fully equipped with a language translation system and A/V systems. For smaller functions, the studio theatre is a flexible theatre seating up to 180 persons and is fully equipped with A/V systems. Other facilities include a Visual Arts Exhibition Hall, a large dance teaching and rehearsal room, and small conference and meeting rooms.

Contact Info:
Tel: + 962 6 5661027
Fax: +962 6 5661026


Part of Amman University, Arena is a great solution for major culture & arts events as well as significant sports activities. The complex has a capacity of more than five thousand people and has an overall area that is twenty thousand square metres.

With an area of four thousand square meters, Arena’s multipurpose hall features all modern A/V equipment required for drama performances, musical shows, dances, and other culture & arts events. The hall can also be fully transformed to cater to sporting events such as major tournaments in basketball, volleyball, tennis, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, billiards, handball, and ping pong.

Contact Info:
Tel: + 962 5 3500211/ 2550
Fax: + 962 6 3556544
Website: www.ammanu.edu.jo

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