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Amman is a good base for action-packed activities in the surrounding area. The Jordan Valley is just a short drive away and easily accessible for day excursions for walking, hiking, riding, sports and much more.


Within Amman there is plenty of fun to be found including water parks with lots of thrilling rides to keep the children entertained. There is a wide range of health clubs and fitness centres, as well as facilities for paintballing and other action-packed sports.

For information on paintballing, contact: The Mountain Breeze Country Club
Tel. + 962-777-234569 or visit their
website: www.jordanadventure.com or
Email: info@jordanadventure.com

Horse riding is a very popular activity and Amman’s riding centres offer excellent facilities:

Riding Centre Location Telephone

Princess Alia Centre for Riding

Hussein Sports Club


Arabian Horse Club

Airport Highway



Country Riding Centre of Jordan


05 3514008

Those interested in getting off the ground, in any of Jordan’s main resorts, should contact the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan, a highly professional organization that provides a range of flying activities including skydiving, micro-light flying, hot air ballooning & parachuting, as well as single engine flight training.

Amman has an excellent 9-hole 'brown' golf course, with par of 67; the Bisharat Golf Course is the first proper golf course to be found in Jordan., Nestled in the hills alongside Amman’s Queen Alia Airport, and located just 14km outside the city, the club provides caddie service, a pro-shop and professional coaching.

For more information please visit www.GolfJordan.com
Tel: + 962 79 5520334
Fax: + 962 6 4624660
Working Days: All Week
Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Amman's 'Waves Water Park' is a great place to chill out and have some fun - especially for children who are tired from shopping and visiting the sites. The park is large, ecologically-friendly and has plenty of shady areas. The lower level has wave pools, river rides and slides as well as fast food outlets for the kids. The upper level has a quieter pool and restaurant area.

The King Hussein National Park is located on the western outskirts of the city and is a great place to while away a few hours. Within the Park is The Cultural Village, which highlights Jordan’s heritage through its handicrafts and culture. The Centre includes studios for Arabic calligraphy, stone inscriptions, natural dyes and various other traditional crafts. The Park, which overlooks Amman, has outstanding themed gardens and an auditorium where various events and festivals regularly take place. It also has a large sports training facility, as well as a children’s playground, a children’s museum, medical clinic and restaurant.

Nightlife in Amman

There’s plenty to do in Amman after dark. Nightclubs throb to the beat of modern music, attracting the young fashionable crowds while the more traditional establishments offer Arabic music and dance. Many international restaurants also provide live entertainment.

Amman has many cinemas which screen all the latest movie releases. There are also theatres and concert halls that have regular performances of stage shows, music concerts and ballets on their agenda.

Rainbow Street offers great shopping opportunities for those looking to score local and handmade goods, while Wakalat Street offers many brands name stores for the international shopper. Both streets are lined with cafes and restaurants ideal for a social night out.

Indoor Rock-climbing

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush and cannot make the trip outside Amman for some amazing rock-climbing you do not have to miss out! Try the region’s largest indoor climbing facility at Climbat Amman, where you can traverse climbing surface of over 1500 square meters along more than 6000 bolt-on climbing holds!

Climbat opened in 2010 in partnership with Climbat Barcelona and Top30 Climbing Walls to bring Amman an exhilarating rock-climbing experience using the most up to date materials, manufacturing techniques assembled by highly experienced worker.

Whether you’re a first time climber or a pro there is always something new for you to explore at Climbat!

To contact Climbat:
Website: www.climbat.com
E-mail: amman@climbat.com
Tel: +962 657 361 77
Jerusalem Street, P.O. Box 5681 Amman 11183 - Jordan Tel. 06-5736177 - Fax: 06-5736977

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