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Shopping in Amman can be an exciting experience. Designer boutiques, particularly those in Sweifieh, Abdoun and Jabal al-Hussein, offer the very latest in clothing and accessories. Amman also boasts a wide assortment of shopping centres such as Abdoun Mall, Amman Mall, Mecca Mall, Barakeh Mall, Sweifieh Avenue, Istikalal Mall, City Mall, Taj Mall and the Zara Shopping Centre.

The Gold Souq, located in the downtown area, is famous for its dazzling array of very competitively-priced handmade gold and silver work; you can still practice your bargaining skills for these.

When you purchase goods in Jordan, the purchase price you pay includes a sales tax (similar to VAT) of 16%. However, if you are a tourist from outside of Jordan, you are entitled to receive a sales tax refund on the goods purchased; therefore making great savings on your holiday purchases.

Shop where you see the Premier Tax Free sign. Many stores in Jordan use the Premier Tax Free service to ensure that their customers receive their sales tax refund. You simply pay the purchase price in the store (including sales tax) and Premier Tax Free will send you your sales tax refund directly. For more information please visit www.premiertaxfree.com.


Bargaining is acceptable but not always necessary, especially on low price items. Do not expect to knock off more than one third of the original asking price.


There are also a number of excellent shops selling beautiful traditional handicrafts, such as hand-woven rugs and cushions, pottery, marquetry work, and embroidered items, many of which now come in contemporary designs.

Wherever you shop, don't be surprised if the shopkeeper offers you a cup of coffee while you decide on your purchase - I it’s all part of the friendly, Jordanian shopping experience.

Handicrafts Producers Association:

The Jordan Handicraft Producers Association is a voluntary non-profit association, which was established in 2005 by the Ministry of Culture. The association is the hub for all handicraft producers and workers in the traditional handicraft trade in Jordan. The association is made up of hundreds of members across the country, who collectively offer a diverse range of handicrafts and traditional handmade products.


In keeping with the traditional nature of the products that JHPA supports, the association has located its premises, along with a handicraft showroom, in a century old heritage house in one of Amman's older neighborhoods. The location gives visitors a taste of tradition and offers spectacular views over some of the city's limestone landscape.

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